How to build a tool that is useful for conversions

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Machine learning applications have made large impacts in several industries. The study and practice of machine learning have led to several discoveries and innovations that have made profound impacts in many communities. Practitioners are consistently making applications for all industries, some of these include tools for governmental purposes, medical research and development, and commerce. Everyone wants to use it to their benefit, whether it be financial institutions assessing levels of risk or technology companies building creative products tailored for their users.

Today, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements promoting the use of artificial intelligence to better serve consumers. We are…

NoSQL Options

Choosing the right architecture and some possible solutions

Time and time again, relational databases have proven to be superior to challengers that arose since its creation, even though it has had very little improvements since its inception. With good reason, many companies are highly dependent on them. They are not only used to hold your data, they are also used to perform analytics and infer insights with the many relationships they hold.

The design of a database is not a simple task and implementing a proper architecture enables the database to be powerful, consistent, and preserve integrity. From an architects perspective, a relational databases ability to be consistent

Data Governance

Why it is important and how to start

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In development, a common practice is to identify a stage when a product is worthy enough to be pushed out to the world, even if the product is not as mature as expected. All products need to start somewhere, as their growth is an iterative process that takes time and patience. Releasing something at a predefined stage has its benefits: entering a market fast, getting customer feedback early on, and identifying bugs or gaps. No matter what the product is, there is always the conversation and thoughts revolving around the data you can harvest with it. What is released may…

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